The banking crisis is a crypto crisis. It's also crypto's opportunity.

February 2023

A market becoming more constructive
Diving into the latest innovation around liquid staking derivatives, decentralized custody, and multi-collateral stablecoin designs
A Turning of the Tide
Macro environment and on-chain data remain as mixed as ever...and that's OK.
On the future of sequencer sets, Optimism, and Web3 social graphs.

January 2023

Cryptoasset corrections commence heading into a key macro week
Why you should care about interchain security, the modular blockchain thesis, and data availability.
Why you should care about Danksharding, Optimism's developer roadmap, and Ethereum's under-the-radar network upgrade
Renewed positivity, growing futures dominance, and a nuanced macro backdrop
EigenLayer, Flashbot’s SUAVE, Skiff
Market sentiment swings more positively for both cryptoassets and equities as sellers become exhausted in the new year.