Accumulation, DeFi outperformance, and evolving the Ethereum narrative in 2022.
Cryptoasset sentiment, GDP declines, and the Fed Horror Show
Bullish momentum carries over from stocks to crypto with decisive breakouts being seen for beta assets. Pocket Network sees ATHs for daily relays.
I drink your milkshake.
Looking for a direction before a big macro week
EIP-4844, referred to as “proto-dank sharding” is a proposed update to the ethereum blockchain that creates a new data type, called “blobs”, which are…
In search for hope and risks.
The Grind Lower Crypto faced another week of red with things looking less than rosy heading into late April. CoinGecko’s global market capitalization…
There's always calm before the storm.
No Country For Old Frameworks
This week’s Terra/UST meltdown…may just be the natural disaster event and flooring exercise needed to force regulation and open the institutional…
Aggressive inflation, market dispersions, and leverage.